Offline Descrambler v2.10

This simple tool let you descramble a DVB transmission using MultiDec plugins (if you have the rights to do so) after a crypted record in TS format. This tool is targetted for people that wants to
  • <LI class=text>Watch / Record High Definition TV but your computer is not powerful enought to do it in real time. <LI class=text>Record several programs at same time but you only have one card to access to crypted contents, so you should record all the shows (broadcasted in the same transponder if you are using one DVBCard) at the same time and then descramble one by one using an Offline Descrambling tool like this. <LI class=text>Record a show without using your subscription card. You can descramble it later. <LI class=text>Record crypted contents to minimize the possibility of lost frames.
  • Any other task that I do not know :)

<LI class=text>+ Added ability to load the CSA engine from the GUI, useful to perform speed tests with different DLLs. DLLs must be named CSA.*.DLL <LI class=text>! Fixed a bug where the "analyzed" PIDs never transmitted to plugins, only the PIDs in the INI file. <LI class=text>! Fixed a bug in output file name (never auto set). <LI class=text>+ Improved CSA.dll speed for AMD (CSA.AMD.DLL) and Intel (CSA.Intel.DLL) Both DLLs should speed up around a 5%-10% in each platform. <LI class=text>~ Performance test reduced to 5 seconds and fixed a little bug that make some DLLs to appear to run incredible fast.