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Thread: Offline Descrambler v2.15 (incl. source)

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    Arrow Offline Descrambler v2.15 (incl. source)

    Offline Descrambler v2.15

    This simple tool let you descramble a DVB transmission using MultiDec plugins (if you have the rights to do so) after a crypted record in TS format. This tool is targetted for people that wants to
    • <LI class=text>Watch / Record High Definition TV but your computer is not powerful enought to do it in real time. <LI class=text>Record several programs at same time but you only have one card to access to crypted contents, so you should record all the shows (broadcasted in the same transponder if you are using one DVBCard) at the same time and then descramble one by one using an Offline Descrambling tool like this. <LI class=text>Record a show without using your subscription card. You can descramble it later. <LI class=text>Record crypted contents to minimize the possibility of lost frames.
    • Any other task that I do not know :)

    <LI>~ Better WinXP look&feel. <LI class=text>+ PMT PID selected (if any) is being passed to the plugins too.
    If there are several selected, the last one in the list will be used.
    <LI class=text>+ Added detection of non-compliant .TS files (Twinhan capture.exe).
    No correction performed over this files right now.
    <LI class=text>+ Added "ForceECD" to INI settings. Fixes the CW calculation for
    European Common Descrambler settings. (Like CAPI plugin).
    Defaults to "1" (true).
    <LI class=text>! Fixed the ECM select (previously it always select the last one). <LI class=text>! Fixed synchronization bug. <LI class=text>~ Only one CSA.DLL optimized for both processors. <LI class=text>+ Now can descramble multiple PIDs, not only video and audio.

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    Re: Offline Descrambler v2.15 (incl. source)

    thanks for the interesting soft MainFrame
    recorded .ts file with alt-dvb. but i can't descramble
    The encription is via2, hav a card, tried to use UVCE plugin but no luck
    any hints


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