CIW XCam Loader 1.5
(C)MASARE Team & Saoud007

Release 08-07-2005

Software 100% compatible with original programmer & CAMMY ICE Programmer.
Tested with UCAS programmer-N-Programmer (twin progger) with sucess.

-Restore original Bootloader For XCam Standard (Block 0)
-Restore Bootloader For XCam Premium (Block 0)
(this boot on Xcam Standard activate 2 new Chanels : Free XTV & XDreamTV use xcam_free.bin and it work)
-Loader include in memory not needed to load Xcrypto_App_Clear.bin
just press button CLEAR (=cam in VIRGIN MODE).
-Auto detection of file's format (manualy selection always possible)
When BIN file loaded Block 02 selected by default
When Softcam.key loaded Block 14 selected by default
-Check Firmware checksum
if Bad checksum detected in file, all butons disabled to prevent cam damage
GREEN Smiley if checksum is OK
RED Smiley if checksum is WRONG
-Auto detect Port avalaible in machine
-Same procedure used as original loader algo modified & optimized

Change BootLoader
1/-Update Xcam with firmware (normal procedure)
2/-In CIW XCam Loader select Bootloader by pressing button
3/-Go to ci menu, select SERIAL Update, Press Activate loader
Now new bootloader is updated (for premium '-p' near firmware name after reboot cam)