Electromagnetic waves can be polarised linearly (vertically or horizontal) or circularly. Polarisation means;
1 tension and differences between signals arise or focus the
2 frequencies of light or a heat are concentrated in one phase angle.
3 give a positive or negative electric charge.
In the satellite industry it is a technique used to make more efficientl use of the band width available. They polarise the way in which radio signals move on themselves, this can be vertically or horizontal.
By using two signals of the same frequency at the same time with a polarisation separation can be used without mutual interference (jamming).

cross polarisation
The satellite transmits two signals; vertically and horizontally polarised.
These two signals stand perpendicular on each other and do not disturb each other as a result.
It is best to place the LNB so that two polarisations cannot each other, and as a result, cause interference.
The signals induce a current in the antenna of the LNB, which is maximum when the direction of the electric field corresponds to the length direction of the antenna in the LNB.

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