The Atmosphere

The earth is surrounded by a layer that consists of all kinds of gases: the atmosphere or mist ring.
Without these layers, no life on earth would be possible.
It gives our air, water, warmth and protects us against the harmful rays of the sun and against meteorites.
The mist ring is a colourless, odourless, tastless "sea" of gases, water and fine particles.
The atmosphere consists several layers with various properties: 78% nitrogen, 2i% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.03% hydrogen-sulphide and 0.04% from other gases.
Troposphere is low the products it takes place, this above is the stratosphere.
There is where the ozone layer, which stops most of ultraviolet radiation of the sun, lies. Above stratosphere the strato-pause, the thermo-pause with in this the ionosphere.
The total atmosphere is approximately 700 km thick.
There is no clear outer boundary to the atmosphere because, the higher you go, it becomes thinner.
It loses molecules of lighter gases, such as helium and hydrogen the atmosphere becomes, as you come further from ground, subdivided in thin layers, on the basis of changes in temperature.

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