Just wondered if anyone could advise me on how to make the most out of the two empty cam slots in my samsung 9500viaci, which i'm using to receive hotbird, astra, thor & sirius....

As you may know, this model has 2 in-built card slots & 2 cam slots. Mine is also patched for conax & viaccess. I'm currently using the card slots for conax (original card) & viaccess (goldcard), and have therefore two empty cam slots.

My three questions are:

1. What would be the best type of card(s) to give me additional channels for irdeto (& nagra if possible) on hotbird, if inserted into one of the cam slots?

2. As i'd need a cam to insert the card into, what would be the best type of cam to buy (dragon etc) for this card, which would work well with my receiver?

3. If i decided not to buy a cam for the card, could i just use one of the built-in slots, i.e. the conax-slot, in order to read a funcard?

I'd really appreciate your views, so that i could at least get the most out of one (or both) of the spare cam slots.

thx in advance!