Aladin for Cyfrowy Polsat is coming

Polish digital package, Cyfrowy Polsat has started to exchanging the cards. In
this way, package has starter long time ago anounced cards exchange in their
terminals. Already soon, all Cyfrowy Polsat`s subscribers will receive new cards
for Aladin encription created by NagraVision, which will successfuly block
pirate reception of the package. Several houndreds of Cyfrowy Polsat
subscribers, as a test group, have received a new cards in the last month.
„The exchange process goes well” – Dariusz Dzialkowski, Technical and Informatic
Director of Cyfrowy Polsat said. – „Thanks to the test part of the cards, which
was sent in the last month, we can confirm, that we are ready to exchange all
cards without problem already in this year”.
On the 8th of March, Cyfrowy Polsat has realised mailing to 60 tys. subscribers,
who have decoders of the Echostar brand. The all reminding cards will be sent in
four rounds, in different time, each one to the owners of one brand of decoders.
„In letter which we sent to customers, apart from the new card, there is also
detailed information about the cards exchange. Thanks to this information, the
procedure of the exchange should be uncomplicated in service.” – Dariusz
Dzialkowski said.
„In first few days, after each ture of the cards sendidng, we expect more calls
to our phone centre and customer's service. Luckily, we have already introduced
24-hour Interactive Voice Response system" – Sandel Grzegorz, manager of
Customers department said.
Customers are receiving new cards entirely free of charge. The exchange of cards
is tied with the introducing of Aladin, the new, more effective encription
system, which Cyfrowy Polsat purchased in the end of last year from Swiss,
NagraVision company.
Cyfrowy Polsat will stop Nagravision encription, as soon as all new cards would
be sent to all subscribers.