Can someone tell me how the conax system works?

When i go to via section there are keys posted in *.hex files and
when i come to the conax section they are all writing in nummbers and stuff.

How do u put those keys into a card when u dont have a *.hex file,
can i use an excisting *.hex file and use an hex editor and put the new keys into it?

And then program into the card.

I am using a Digiality IR-CI 103 satellite reciver.

Its an Embedded Irdeto.
One smart card reader
Two common interface modules
Capable of descrambling encrypted programs by Irdeto using build-in Irdeto Descrambler

Until now i have tryed to program via access keys in to the card and tryed it on the reciver.
But the reciver dont detect the card,but when i put in my
original irdeto2 card from my provider it says "card found"

if i put irdeto1 keys into the gold card ,will it work then...or do i need to get cards that are named irtedo...from my knowlege irdeto1 is just a way to crypt the signal!!
I am aware that irdeto2 is not hacked yett and irdeto1 keys will not works like irdeto2.
I just wanna have the available channels that are crypted with irdeto1.

Could it be that my reciver only accepts irdeto2 cards/keys?

Any advice would be appritiated

Take care all