Hey. I was wondering if is't possible up update "Fenrir" so it could find Nagra 2 keys ? ? ? I'm not a programer and have no idea doing this but after seeing this N2 code for D+ it lookes like the .h files in the FenrirSDK archive. Maybe it's only needed to add them into the library and write some lines into some files, I have no idea. Like I said I have no idea of programing.
Also are there some nagra.kid files needed ? ? ? I haven't seen those, but could be.

I'm asking this cos I don't know how the situation's gonna be with my internet. Maybe I'll be able to surf maybe not, maybe just a bit and I would like to find the keys for the case that I won't be able to be online. If the keys are the only things that will change, I want to be able find them at least . . . for some joyfull hours of TV.

Also it would be nice to to have the latest .kid files and a small instruction on what file is for what . . .

If it's possible will it be uploaded or is there an actual version out there but you don't want it to get public. It would be nice if I could get the updated version of this magic tool . . . If you want to send it to men, get in touch with me over private messages.