Pirates get around Spanish block
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 22 February 2018

Just a few hours after Spain’s Guardia Civil blocked the pirate site Divxtotal, its managers announced shortcuts to continue accessing its pirated content.

The website was closed down on 20 February along with other 22 pirate sites during a major anti-piracy operation.

Through the site’s Facebook profile its managers have announced that the owners of Argentinean site Dixv.com.ar have created a new site Yadivx, which enables access to the majority of Divxtotal’s catalogue for download.

They also gave users a number of tips like using a VPN or proxy or reach the site through TOR.

As part of Operación Cascada, Spain’s law enforcement agency blocked access to 23 websites, including Estrenosdtl and Gamestorrents, in addition to Divxtotal. According to the Guardia Civil, all the domains were managed from Argentina, but 80% of the traffic was based in Spain.