CONtv presses Twitch on-switch with Cloudport
Joseph O'Halloran
| 24 February 2018

Independent content distributor Cinedigm has deployed Amagi's Cloudport cloud-based channel playout platform to bring its CONtv channel to the Twitch social video service.

CONtv describes itself as the premier digital network devoted to the fan space, offering an original slate of programming, as well as a digital catalogue of over 2,800 film and TV titles, encompassing sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, cult, grindhouse and comic con coverage. The 24/7 linear offering on Twitch features a variety of the fan-centric content aligned with the streaming service's audience.

Looking at what it is doing for Twitch, CONtv believes that bringing its channel to the social TV service delivers a whole new way to experience programming by watching the shows simultaneously within its community. It adds that building linear OTT channels - featuring a mix of recorded and live programming - on vMVPDs like Twitch, Sling, YouTube Live, Hulu Live, and others, can prove challenging, both technologically and operationally. Furthermore, it says that traditional playout technologies have limited capabilities supporting linear delivery to vMVPDs and require custom add-ons leading to heavy upfront capital expenditure for broadcasters and content owners.

"Managing linear channel playout and delivering video content across a multitude of vMVPDs, poses significant operational challenges for content providers from both a cost and workflow perspective," explained Cinedigm Networks EVP Erick Opeka. "We are excited to partner with Amagi for its cloud broadcast expertise, thereby reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies."

Added Amagi co-founder Srinivasan: "Content owners and broadcasters are looking for creative ways to engage audiences and monetise their programming. Bringing an OTT channel to Twitch or other vMVPDs is increasingly table stakes today. Amagi's cloud technology makes that process easier and more cost-effective, maximising value for clients like Cinedigm."