Survey: Mobile video streaming can be a pain
February 26, 2018 10.25 Europe/London By Broadband TV News Correspondent
Streaming services are frustrating consumers according to a new survey in the US conducted by Penthera.
Complaints are often related to a poor user experience, which could be improved with D2Go. Penthera is a pioneer in download-to-go (D2Go) functionality.
“Whether they are heading to the beach or the daily commute, consumers recognize they cannot rely on always having video-grade data connectivity. The Penthera survey data shows they see download-to-go functionality as an important tool in assuring the availability of their favorite videos, even if only used occasionally,” said Colin Dixon founder of nScreen Media, a video industry analyst.
The survey finds that 92% of consumers have been frustrated trying to stream video, with the three most common frustrations identified as:
· Buffering, per 65% of participants
· The stream is slow to load, according to 40% of participants
· The placement of advertising, per 50% of participants
Consumer who struggle to stream video retaliate with their pocketbooks. When asked how they react, respondents said:
· 53% will just give up on that streaming session
· 26% said they stop using the unsatisfactory service
· 11% will cancel their subscriptions
“Consumers expect content anywhere, on any device, but delivery on that promise is still at the mercy of robust, ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity. We just are not there yet, and consumers are dissatisfied,” said Dan Taitz, president and COO, Penthera.
“Our survey shows that fewer than 9% of respondents said they are ‘never frustrated’ when streaming. The technology exists to satisfy, and even delight, consumers.”
The survey indicates that offering D2Go functionality is also beneficial to the streaming services:
· 39% of survey participants said they are more likely to subscribe to a service offering D2Go
· 34% said they are more likely to watch programming from a service offering the feature
· 18% said they are less likely to cancel a service with D2Go
Some of the survey respondents indicated they already use D2Go to eliminate their streaming frustrations:
· Nearly half of those surveyed said they use D2Go so they don’t have to worry if Wi-Fi is available or robust where they are going;
· Another 21% use D2Go to avoid depleting their mobile data plans
· 17% don’t want to pay for Internet access at their destination (e.g. an airline or a hotel).
A further 53% said they’d be willing to pay more (up to $5 per month) to have download as a feature from their favourite streaming service.
The online survey was conducted in January and attracted responses from 804 men and women, aged 18-64, who stream videos on mobile devices.