Insight TV greenlights new social influencer adventure show
| 26 February 2018

Adding to its growing roster of 4KTV content, Insight TV has announced Urban Explorers taking audiences to what it has ranked as the leading ten urban exploration locations.

Produced in 4K/Ultra HD and shot with handheld cameras, the 8 x 30 minute series, aims to introduces audiences to what it says is one of the world's most exciting new trends, taking viewers off the beaten track, in an effort to find extraordinary places that few have visited.

Made up of two teams of established YouTube creators, the globe-trotting urban explorers set to scour the planet for what they regard as the coolest abandoned buildings and the ' most breath-taking' remote locations. The show culminates in a top ten list of the best locations and uses handheld footage to allow viewers access to every step of the journey with 4K/Ultra HD vistas.

"In typical Insight TV style, Urban Explorers delivers a mix of raw adventure and suspense and takes viewers on a wild ride around the world, learning about history and some of the Earth's most beautiful urban locations," says Arun Maljaars, director of content and channels, at Insight TV. "What's unique about this show is that for a good portion of it, the explorers are the ones filming. They use handheld cameras to give viewers a personal, up-close feeling, which adds an extra creative touch."