Limelight updates CDN infrastructure
Michelle Clancy
| 28 February 2018

Limelight Networks has upgraded its global infrastructure for video and content delivery, completing the rollout of an enhanced version of its EdgePrism OS software across its content delivery network.

Intended to optimise the end-user experience, the new software is designed to help boost Limelight’s edge server capacity by more than 120% by maximising the performance of Limelight’s server hardware and application suite. As a result, content can be downloaded faster and viewers can stream videos at higher quality while experiencing fewer rebuffers. Customer-provided real-world data shows a greater than 19% reduction in video sessions experiencing rebuffers.

Limelight’s network includes more than 80 points-of-presence (PoPs) in over 40 metropolitan locations, with over 29 terabits per-second of egress capacity interconnected with more than 900 major ISPs and last-mile networks. This includes an expansion of more than 40% with the addition of 11 new PoPs and the completion full upgrades of 20 additional PoPs to address growing market demand for CDN services.

Its edge servers meanwhile have been updated to the latest high-density 1U servers with solid state drives and 50 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network connectivity. This hardware update increases edge compute capacity and improves performance and cache management while reducing the number of servers deployed.

Further, Limelight’s rules-based domain name system (DNS) now features intelligent PoPs and server selection with real-time decision making that utilises a constantly updated map of the Internet to ensure optimal delivery performance and throughput for each customer request.

And finally, all major backbone links have been upgraded to 100GbE, allowing cache-fill traffic, dynamic content, and integrated service data to bypass the congested public Internet, resulting in faster, more reliable, and more secure content delivery.

“Even in emerging regions – where viewers rely on older mobile networks for video streaming – Limelight is helping customers achieve their most important business objectives by improving the quality of experience they deliver to their viewers,” said Steve Miller-Jones, senior director of product management at Limelight. “Our ongoing investments in our network and software are paying off, resulting in greater capacity, broader coverage, and increased network performance.”