Anacom acts after Net Neutrality breach
March 1, 2018 10.56 Europe/London By Julian Clover
Portugalís telecoms regulator has given MEO, NOS and Vodafone 40 working days to amend offers which it says are in breach net neutrality and roaming rules.
Anacom says it has been monitoring zero-rating and similar offers that have been made available by a number of mobile internet access providers and concluded some of the offers to be in breach of Telecom Single Market Regulation (TSM) the Roaming Regulations.
Itís also found that some of the services cannot be used outside of Portugal in breach of the Roam Like at Home principle.
The regulator is order providers to alter offers where specific traffic gets special treatment. It wants to prevent discrimination between content and applications, particularly that subject to blocking and delays.
Thereís now a 25-day consultation on Anacomís proposals.