Euronews Ventures to launch start-ups’ media for equity partnership
| 02 March 2018
| 02 March 2018

The Euronews Group programme designed in 2016 to back start-ups that develop innovative products and services for consumers worldwide, Euronews Ventures, has opened for business with a complementary offer joining together media with cash investment in start-ups.

In practical terms this will see the Euronews Group partnering with two specialised and renowned funds: 5M Ventures, a French media for equity fund; and Nekko Capital, a venture capital fund specialising in the internationalisation of start-ups across Europe and Asia.

Joint deals with respective funds will start imminently with a main focus on consumer services and goods in financial, insurance, real-estate, mobility and travel. As part of these partnerships, ad campaigns will be broadcast on the group's TV and digital media outlets, namely Euronews and Africanews for a total amount of €5 million over the next two years.

Expressing its confidence in the venture, Euronews noted that in Europe, 140 start-ups have benefited from 230 media for equity investments up to date involving 20 major media companies including ProSiebenSat.1, Clear Channel, TF1 Group and Mediaset and ten active funds.

“Our ambition is to help start-ups to be global, Euronews plays a key role by leveraging our investments with high quality media asset,” said Ernest Sanchez, managing partner of Nekko Capital. “We are very proud to partner with Euronews, a global news brand that reaches premium audiences and is trusted by major brands.”

Added 5M Ventures CEO Christophe Montague: “Euronews is a perfect match within our strategy to internationalise start-ups, especially for territories where we are not active. The strength and quality of Euronews and its partners will be surely attractive for quite a few start-ups.”