SpotX gains sight of Vewd OTT ad monetisation
| 02 March 2018

Streaming TV enabling technology provider Vewd has tapped video ad serving platform SpotX to power the monetisation of all its over-the-top (OTT) products.

Vewd - which claims to be the first company to offer OTT solutions for smart TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and other connected devices, including the streaming engine in the Nintendo Wii and which ships almost 50 million devices enabled with is technology shipping each year - will use SpotX's ad serving and video supply side platform (SSP) which is designed to allow media companies to optimise video advertising strategies and maximise revenue.

Media companies make use of Vewd to solve the problem of platform fragmentation in smart TVs and give them an easy path to monetising their content across the Vewd-enabled devices, regardless of the underlying manufacturer or operating system. Through a direct integration with SpotX's video ad platform, Vewd believes that it can enable media companies to monetise their inventory more efficiently.

"For many years, we've helped content owners monetise video and with the recent introduction of Vewd OS, we're expanding their ability to drive revenue, explained Vewd CEO Aneesh Rajaram. "CEO Central to that is our partnership with SpotX, as they allow us to bring greater value to our relationships with content owners and centralize all monetisation efforts within a single platform, giving us the ability to target fragmented TV audiences across all Vewd-enabled TV devices. Together with SpotX, we can for the first time tap into programmatic video ad budgets, where smart TV inventory is in especially high demand."

Added SpotX CEO and co-founder Mike Shehan (pictured left) : "Vewd is one of the world's largest players in the connected TV ecosystem and we're delighted they've chosen our technology to support their mission to connect consumers with entertaining content across all connected TV platforms. By making addressable OTT inventory available to buyers through SpotX, they are in a unique position to enable advertisers to target audiences across TV screens at scale."