Beyond the Opposite Sex offers window into the transgender world
Michelle Clancy
| 04 March 2018

Showtime is prepping the follow-up to its ground-breaking 2004 transgender series, with Beyond the Opposite Sex.

The original production, The Opposite Sex, introduced viewers to the story of Rene and Jamie, showing two brave people going through their long-awaited gender affirmation surgeries. Beyond the Opposite Sex, premiering 16 March, picks up the story 14 years later to find that their surgeries, which had been lifelong goals, were far from the finish line of their difficult journeys.

"Transitioning is what we do, it's not what we are," said Jamie. "You make this transition because it's going to make you a whole person."

Their surgeries were done at a time when the questions were basic: What? Why? How? Really? More than a decade later, the questions become more complex: How has the surgery turned out? What are their lives like now? How have their early experiences differed from today's transgender community? Do they have regrets?

The documentary, which will air on linear, on-demand and streaming, is directed by Emily Abt and co-directed by Bruce Hensel, and executive-produced by Hensel and Stu Krasnow and produced by Francine Bergman and Linda York.