TV dwarfs online video consumption in Australia
Rebecca Hawkes
| 05 March 2018

Most Australians continue to watch content on a television set despite the average home now owning 6.6 connected devices, according to the Australian Video Viewing Report.

In the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2017, broadcast TV was watched each week by 82.6% (19.64 million) of Australia's population in metered markets, with all ages enjoying watching the TV set at home. Even 63.1% of18-24 year olds, who consume less TV than older generations, watched TV each week.

On average, Australians watched an average of 74 hours and 58 minutes of broadcast TV on TV sets at home each month in Q4 2017, found the study, from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen. Of these, 89% of the programming (or 66 hours 38 minutes) was watched live-to-air, and 8.8% (or six hours 37 minutes) was played back within seven days. The remainder was time-shifted between eight and 28 days of the original broadcast.

"With the increased viewing options and platforms available to Australians, it's pleasing to see that the in-home television set still accounts for the majority of video viewing. With the growing incidence of smart televisions we have seen an increase in other screen use but it's important to note that 82.6% of Australians continue to tune into TV each week. Regional Australians in particular spent almost 84 hours watching broadcast television on average each month, which is almost nine hours more than the national average," said Dave Walker, chairman, Regional TAM.
Australians are, however, embracing opportunities to watch video on an ever-increasing array of options, researchers have found.

In Q4 2017 other TV screen use accounted for 31% of Australians' time with their smart sets (34 hours 15 minutes per month). In prime time the proportion was 29% (15 hours and 28 minutes).

Australians streamed, on average, 347 million minutes of broadcasters' online content weekly on connected devices in Q4 2017. Of this, 258 million minutes, on average, was catch up or on demand viewing. On average, 89 million minutes was live viewing.
Now, 1-2% of all broadcast TV content viewed each week is delivered over-the-top (OTT).

Australian adults over the age of 18 now spend on average 21 hours 36 minutes per month watching online video on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

People aged 18-24 watch the most video in aggregate on connected devices (31 hours 5 minutes per month) while people aged over 65 watch the least (6 hours 38 minutes).

Multiscreen activity has impacted the amount of time people spend watching 'traditional' TV, and is particularly apparent in the evenings and in live viewing. However, on a daily basis, Australians spend an average 2 hours 27 minutes watching live TV and playing back recorded TV content through their TV sets within 28 days. When compared to findings in Q4 2010 - the year the iPad was introduced - that is just 43 fewer minutes per day.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer (pictured) said: "As we delve into changing viewing behaviour, we're seeing the impact of more screens per person in the average Australian household. Not only does this increase options to view both inside and outside the home, but for some consumers the ability to watch video 'on the go' actually creates more time to view".