SES aims to optimise events and news broadcasting with OU Flex
| 07 March 2018

SES has unveiled a new product designed to enhance occasional use services, aiming to tap into a trend towards the need to handle multiple video formats for distribution on multiple platforms and gain access between locations.

The satellite operator believes that its new OU Flex can transform the traditional one-way feed for video broadcast into a two-way connection between the site and the studio, providing more flexibility to broadcasters and SNG (satellite news gathering) operators to facilitate remote production and distribute video content to online platforms.

OU Flex combines live video transmission and IP connection via satellite to enable both video and data applications. While supporting live video distribution as a priority, the OU Flex solution also provides IP connectivity to enable the simultaneous use of multiple data applications - including connections to a corporate network, emails, web browsing, video file transfer, as well as feeding live video content to social media, or streaming live video content online.

The OU Flex solution also integrates the Newtec Dialog platform, which enables SES to deliver dedicated, reliable connections to broadcasters for video and data transmissions. By allocating bandwidth dynamically, SES says that it can provide high throughput, seamless connectivity, regardless of the number of reporters and users relying on the network at the event.

This means that to benefit from the platform, broadcasters already equipped with an SNG truck or fly-away solution only require an OU Flex broadband modem, thus reducing the necessary investment compared to other technologies. Once equipped, video customers can choose to transmit via the SES teleport and rely on SES to manage all traffic going over the satellite and get a dedicated and secured link between the hub and their studio.

"Live event and breaking news coverage today poses multiple challenges in meeting viewer expectations. Viewers demand instantaneous access to information, high picture quality, and the ability to watch video content anywhere, on any device. OU Flex is the ideal solution to help broadcasters address those needs," explained Steve Bisenius, vice president, regional sales engineering, SES Video.

"Combining the best of the video and data worlds, OU Flex provides the reliability needed for seamless live broadcast in high quality and the IP connection required to exchange information as well as stream video content online. OU Flex optimises the way live events can be delivered, enabling broadcasters, event organisers and content creators to focus on growing their business and offering the best possible experience to viewers."