German regulator greenlights Telekom’s mobile data flat rate
March 7, 2018 15.58 Europe/London By Jörn Krieger
Germany’s Federal Network Agency has no objections against Deutsche Telekom’s new mobile phone tariff offering unlimited data volume despite a clause fixing the data allowance in other EU countries at 23 GB per month.
“In principle, companies have the option of restricting the domestically unlimited data volume when it is used in other EU countries,” a spokesman of the regulatory authority told Broadband TV News. He added that, after an initial cursory examination, the authority considers the product to be in accordance with EU roaming rules.
The new MagentaMobil XL tariff Deutsche Telekom unveiled on March 6, 2018 comprises unlimited data volume within Germany. However, when the customer travels to other EU countries, the data volume is restricted to 23 GB per month.
“After use of the 23 GB, Deutsche Telekom is entitled to apply a surcharge of €6 (net) per GB with 1kb accuracy. The customer must explicitly confirm the continued use at,” a Telekom spokesman told Broadband TV News, adding that this practice was based on EU regulation regarding the appropriate usage of regulated roaming services.
The zero-rating option StreamOn Deutsche Telekom introduced almost a year ago, is, however, encountering resistance from the Federal Network Agency. The regulator prohibited parts of the service on the grounds of violation of EU roaming regulations and net neutrality. The decision is not yet final; Deutsche Telekom appealed against it.