Ziggo prepares for analogue switch-off
March 9, 2018 08.01 Europe/London By Robert Briel
Dutch cable opreator Ziggo will phase out analogue television during the next two years.
Viewers who are still watching analogue television will be gradually transferred to digital over the next two years. The cabler promises to inform customers about the changes well in time.
Ziggo will offer viewers who only have an analogue TV set a free digital tuner, with which people can see the basic, unencrypted digital tier. Additional tuners will be sold for €29.95.
Senior executive Jeroen Hoencamp of VodafoneZiggo said that this changeover is inevitable and necessary to keep innovating. “Much has changed over the years in the field of TV. The image went from black and white to colour, the antenna disappeared from the rooftops. Now we are not only watching the television screen but also the TV on mobile and tablet,” said Hoencamp.
With a fully digital network, Ziggo believes that it is easier to build a future-proof infrastructure. From 2020, Ziggo wants to offer services over that next generation network, with more stability and even faster internet traffic up to 1 gigabit per second. This is also necessary, as the data needs of the Netherlands are growing exponentially, according to Hoencamp.
Ziggo will be assisting customers who need to make the transition over the next two years with additional service points and home help, among other things. The switch does not affect the subscription fee. On a dedicated website, customers can see when their region is changing.