DVB: the past and the future
March 13, 2018 07.29 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul, DVB World 2018, Warsaw
Although DVB-I is a “great idea”, there is still uncertainty as to if it can be done.
Speaking in a short Q&A at the end of a presentation on 25 years of DVB, Ulrich Reimers. MD at Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, TUBS, gave such a view on DVB-I.
Earlier, in outlining a timeline in the DVB’s involvement in IPTV, he said that this month a group of the Commercial Module was inaugurated to look at the commercial prospects of DVB-I.
In other answers, Reimers said that Open source was a “great opportunity for things that DVB has developed” and was positive about the use of Facebook and YouTube for content distribution.
In his presentation, Reimers said that some of DVB’s most recent successes were related to Ultra HD Television (UHDTV). He described DVB-DASH for the support of UHDTV as “a gift to the world from November 2017”.
He also said that DVB continues to deliver, with DVB Single Illumination System (DVB-SIS), the most recent addition to its universe, having been finalised only weeks ago.
Looking to the future, Reimers said a number of questions should be asked. For instance, is the DVB well connected with today’s world of smartphone addicts and related markets? It is, after all, market driven.
Other questions included DVB continue on its current path to DVB-T3?
He was sure DVB will find the right answers.