Globo triumphs in Portugal with The Other Side of Paradise
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 14 March 2018

Globo’s soap opera The Other Side of Paradise has kept Portugal’s SIC at the top of network TV ratings for its time slot since it debuted on 15 January.

The Brazilian telenovela has been setting consecutive audience records, topping all other shows in its time slot, having exceeded a 28% share twice.

So far, The Other Side of Paradise has had an average audience share of 22.7%, overtaking the Globo pervious production to air in Portugal, Edge of Desire.

The telenovela is also airing during prime time on Globo in Brazil, where it has seen good ratings since debuting last October, averaging more than 47 million viewers.

“The high ratings achieved in Portugal are evidence of the high-quality production standards audiences have come to expect from Globo’s telenovelas, and reflect the network’s efforts to offer well-crafted plots that explore relevant topics to its global audience,” said the Brazilian broadcaster.

Written by Walcyr Carrasco, The Other Side of Paradise deals with karma and the belief that what goes around comes around, through a story featuring Brazilian TV stars including Gloria Pires, Marieta Severo and Grazi Massafera.