Telefónica to boost fibre in Brazil with €660MN investment
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 14 March 2018

Through a €660 million investment in the country’s fibre networks, Telefónica is looking to make Brazil its fibre powerhouse in Latin America.

The investment is part of a larger plan in which the telco aims to spend over €6.6 billion in Brazil over the next three years.

The Spanish telco intends to replicate in Brazil the strategy it has deployed in Spain in recent years, which has driven Telefónica to have the most fibre-connected homes and IPTV clients.

In fact, fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, which Orange and Vodafone have also rolled out, have been repeatedly cited by the Spanish market authority as the greatest driver of convergence and IPTV growth in the country.

“We’re working across every vertical to boost digitalisation, which has an important impact on our financial results and improves customer experience,” said Christian Gebara, chief operating officer, Telefónica, Brazil.

“Through the additional investment in fibre, Telefónica Brazil is to capture value and increase the company’s profitability,” added David Melcom, chief financial officer.

Through 2017, Telefónica already increased its FTTH and IPTV footprint in Brazil, now delivering IP-based TV services in 21 Brazilian cities and totalling nearly 400,000 IPTV subscribers.