Polish cablecos set to open up networks
March 14, 2018 10.47 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul
Poland’s Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) has begun a consultation into cable operators opening up their networks to competition.
According to the regulator, it involves Orange Polska (headquartered in Warsaw), Netia (Warsaw), UPC Polska (Warsaw), Multimedia Polska (Gdynia), Inea (Poznan) and Toya (Lodz).
It adds that two documents form a key part of the consultation, namely conditions for providing access to technical infrastructure in the case of cable ducts and buildings’ sewage systems.
The consultation’s draft decisions will reflect the implementation of the UKE’s strategic plan for 2017-2020 and the European Digital Agenda and Europe 2020 Strategy, bringing Poland closer to the gigabit society.
The UKE concludes by saying that its president “hopes that the comments and suggestions made during the consultation will help to develop universal conditions for access to the infrastructure. The final decisions will lead to non-discrimination of operators and will help to reduce costs and increase investment, which will benefit not only telecommunications undertakings but, above all, subscribers”.