Comcast X1 Olympics engagement outpaces US national average
Michelle Clancy
| 15 March 2018

About 76% of US homes with the Comcast X1 platform watched Olympic Winter Games programming from South Korea, the cable giant said, a percentage which outpaced the already healthy national average of 65% of households watching the event.

Comcast’s X1 middleware offered a specific repository for Olympics content, including sport-specific hubs, on-demand content and tracking of live events. Its Olympics Home Page on X1 was visited nearly 40 million times, and the platform’s Sports App was launched more than 35 million times during the duration of the Games.

Overall, the average X1 home watched 19.3 hours of Olympics programming, compared to 17.9 hours nationally.

X1 also includes voice control for the remote, and Comcast said that customers used this function more than 14 million times, with the most popular voice commands being Olympics, medal count, Shaun White, USA Hockey and Olympics figure skating.

The Olympics-specific features were also available via the pay-TV company’s Stream app.