Altice Portugal unites brand, launches 4K box
March 15, 2018 10.36 Europe/London By Julian Clover
Altice Portugal has adopted the Altice brand across its corporate communications, but local brands will remain.
The company says that brands such as that of cablenet Meo will remain because of the strong local recognition.
Meo is now introducing a new ‘portable’ 4K set-top. The Meobox 4K Wi-Fi is available with packages of 200 Mbps or greater. It will be made available both to new customers and to those wanting to upgrade.
Meo says the box has been named Sofia: “because it means knowledge and Sofia is just an embodiment of the accumulated knowledge of the experiences of our customers who have converted in this context.”
An advertising campaign has been launched featuring Meo brand ambassador and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.