Amazon Prime tops 26MN US viewers
Michelle Clancy
| 16 March 2018

Amazon’s total US audience for Prime Video, including films and TV shows it licenses from other companies, is now around 26 million customers.

The company has never made its viewing figures public, but documents obtained by the Reuters news agencyhave revealed that its top 19 shows account for as much as a quarter of its viewership. Those include the alt-history, “what if Germany won WWII” drama, the Man in the High Castle, which had eight million US viewers as of early 2017, according to the documents. The programme, which cost $72 million to produce, was also directly responsible for creating 1.15 million new Prime sign-ups.

The documents also show that the new members on average cost the company $63 per subscriber for acquisition. Compared to the $99 that subscribers pay annually in the United States for Prime, the margin upside is obvious.