NAB 2018: Video Clarity set to unveil a suite of offerings at NAB
Michelle Clancy
| 19 March 2018

At NAB 2018, Video Clarity will launch a series of new video quality and monitoring products.

The offerings include its RTM Manager with automated file QoE, the Venue Player IP, its RTM IP for Perceptual Testing in the ST 2110 IP Network Domain and ClearView 9.0.

The RTM Manager is a new configuration of the companyís RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solution. Many files get passed into distribution that either cause a loss of video quality or have audio problems that file-checking routines are sometimes not equipped to catch. RTM Manager with file QoE applies an automated file-testing routine for video-on-demand (VOD) or over-the-top (OTT) file encoding workflows for users that need an added layer of video and audio quality measurement, with a threshold for recording low-quality events in the baseband domain.

Video Clarity will also showcase the Venue Player IP, a new version of the company's video server that automatically plays multiple uncompressed segments of content to multiple screens in precise timing and sequence. With the advent of interfaces for uncompressed video on Ethernet, what was previously an SDI player/recorder or DisplayPort player is now optionally available with a 10G Ethernet interface. The new version applies recently developed and standardized media flows for playing video and audio according to SMPTE ST 2110.

Meanwhile, the RTM IP is a new model in the line of RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solutions. Using only Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP interfaces, RTM IP is able to run automatic, full reference, real-time quality testing in the IP domain for uncompressed and compressed video quality streams. It works by playing a test reference source into the network while performing a comparison of that source to downstream processed video and audio. The system enables program originators, service providers, and manufacturers' test labs to apply RTM testing to IP networks, and importantly, to do it using the new SMPTE ST 2110 media flow technology.

And finally, the ClearView 9.0 is the latest software release for the companyís ClearView line of video quality analysers. One major update is NIQE, a no-reference metric that provides accurate quality measurement when a source reference is not available ó as is often the case in today's cloud-based delivery workflows. By adding NIQE to ClearView's selection of measurements, itís now possible for program originators and secondary home entertainment delivery service companies to evaluate video quality using no-reference tests on natural videos.