NAB 2018: Prime Focus readies CLEAR Digital Lab launch
Michelle Clancy
| 20 March 2018

Prime Focus Technologies will launch its CLEAR Digital Lab at the upcoming NAB 2018.

CLEAR Digital Lab automates the content supply chain, connects the production ecosystem and acts as what it calls the Media Universe for secure content operations, from content acquisition through distribution and archiving. To that end, it brings together the various stakeholders and suppliers engaged in the production and post-production processes with supply chain vendors for various tasks, such as editorial, VFX, post production, sound, localisation, mastering and downstream distribution to connect the entire ecosystem.

The platform is equipped to handle scripted, unscripted, short form and digital content genres. It has the capability to handle files of different resolutions, content types, help review and collaborate, track jobs and manage media logistics, including distribution of varied content types across the production supply chain, the company said.

“As Your Media Universe, CLEAR Digital Lab revolutionises the way content-makers manage their content by connecting the various contributors engaged in the content creation process,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, founder and global CEO of Prime Focus Technologies. “The frequency and speed with which original content is being generated has been increasing at a rate never before seen in the industry, with more and more people working on content than ever across the supply chain. CLEAR Digital Lab makes these collaborations easy and secure.”

Sankaranarayanan continued: “We’ve always had a pioneering mindset when solving challenges in the industry with the power of technology, and we are extremely proud to see the launch of Digital Lab which brings the industry together and accelerates the content creation process through automation.”

Prime Focus Technologies also has partnered with Microsoft to have Azure as its preferred cloud hosting platform.