Wazee Digital adds e-commerce to the mix
Michelle Clancy
| 21 March 2018

Wazee Digital has incorporated e-commerce capabilities into its Digital Media Hub digital asset portal.
The integration is designed to allow Digital Media Hub customers — content rights holders and/or content creators — to monetise their content through a shopping cart that enables self-serve checkout, or a guided, quote-based check out.

“Many of our clients have the resources to manage licensing in-house, but not the resources to build a branded licensing portal. Digital Media Hub e-commerce gives those rights holders a branded licensing portal that can be tailored to fit their business needs," said Brian Eldredge, senior director and product line manager for Wazee Digital. “By adding e-commerce features to the already flexible and adaptable Digital Media Hub, we're making it possible for our customers to license and monetise their own content if they choose. With e-commerce, the iconic content they produce may be continuously monetised.”

Digital Media Hub allows captured video content to be housed in a central location and made immediately available for global access. Customers can acquire, enhance, and distribute media gleaned from production, postproduction, marketing and live-event environments.