Turner takes Gloud to Chile
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 22 March 2018

After releasing its cloud-based streaming video game service in Argentina, Turner has now launched Gloud in Chile.

The move is the second step of a strategy that aims to take the gaming platform to most Latin American markets.

The platform, which was first launched in Argentina on 11 December 2017, is a cloud, subscription-based service that enables users to play a comprehensive catalogue of video games via streaming, including Mad Max, Batman Arkham City, Life is Strange, Metro 2033 redux, LEGO Harry Potter, Guilty Gear and Deus Ex, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

“Gloud is going to change the gaming concept in Chile, bringing the experience into more homes. From now on, users won’t need a console in order to play, nor will need to constantly buy new games,” said Jorge Carey, executive president, Turner Chile.

The service’s main barrier is the bandwidth necessary to get a similar experience to most of consoles. In order to play at 720p and 30FPS, users will need a stable 8Mbps minimum connection.

“At Turner, we’re developing innovative proposal for our fans. Under this strategy, Gloud is born, a direct-to-consumer platform available through a single subscription,” added Aksel van der Wal, EVP, digital ventures & innovations, Turner International.