NAB 2018: IPV upgrades Curator platform
Michelle Clancy
| 22 March 2018

Media technology specialist IPV has announced Curator 2.0, an update to its asset management software used by NASA, AMPAS, KSE and Turner Broadcast.

Debuting at NAB 2018, Curator 2.0 is designed to improve overall production workflows inside any organisation, from traditional broadcasters to sports teams and leagues, as well as creative agencies, educational institutions and houses of worship.

The new version of the system benefits from a faster installation process due to fewer manual configurations, the company said. It also features added integrations with third-party technology providers like Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon Web Services. New integrations are in the pike as well.

One of Curator 2.0’s additional technical features is its intelligent automation of subtitles. Integrating with Azure Media Services, the system gives users the ability to automatically generate subtitles for all assets.

Available in a cloud-based, local or hybrid installation, Curator 2.0 also features Clip Link Collections which give users the ability to easily keep track of assets. Using the feature, selected media can be added to a collection, sent to a specified destination or shared with other users. Project Versioning has also been added to Curator’s Adobe integration, improving the management and collaboration within the editing software to ensure every version of a project is automatically stored and giving producers an overview of who created a version, and when.

To gives users more control over their metadata, Curator 2.0 also features a new thesaurus search feature in Curator Logger. This means that they can ensure that metadata remains accurate and that they are using the same terminology as their colleagues. Users can now switch between workspaces to view metadata that matches the type of content they’re working on.

“Because it’s built on a suite of microservices, Curator is a continually evolving platform that we can always add new features to,” said James Varndell, product manager at IPV. “Many of these have now become services and products in their own right, so we’ve rolled them together into a new package of the system. We’re looking forward to bringing Curator 2.0 to the NAB show floor to demonstrate its new functionality to new and existing partners and customers.”