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Thread: Can we add more recievers?

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    Can we add more recievers?

    Hey guys!
    Just joined in to ask a question of you experts and installers.
    My Boss has a dish system at his camp. To my knowledge it is a single tuner w/o DVR.
    I do not know what the model number of the receiver or the dish is.
    I do know that there is one dish and I believe with 3 LNB's.
    He says he will get it the next time he goes to his camp.
    He wants to add 2 receivers to the setup. Both units are to be single tuners w/o DVR.
    I have been searching the forums and believe that DPP34 will provide the three receivers
    with what is needed to make them function. Or would it be better to use a DPP44 instead?
    What do you guys think? I do some experience working with big dishes but little on
    the smaller dish systems.

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    Re: Can we add more recievers?

    Good Morning guys!!!!
    I have more information about the camp installation.
    From the the system info one screen, the existing receiver is a VIP222k.
    The disk is a DPP 1K.2, 1K.2(1), 1K.2(2), 1K.2(3).
    Do you want to see the VIP222k system info one screen?
    He had carried a VIP211z with him and attached it to the single cable from
    the dish. It did not work.
    The system info one screen on the 211Z shows no switches connected. Do you want to
    see the VIP211z system info one screen?
    The back of the 222k receiver has a DP Plus triplexer 175284 connected with cables
    going to the two sat signal inputs to the receiver.
    He said that he tried all combinations and none of them gave any change in the
    system info one screen in the 211Z receiver.
    When the 221Z receiver is connected to the tailgater portable dish has the
    following system info one screen.
    The existing receiver is a VIP211z. The disk is a Mobile, Mobl(1), Mobl(2), Mobl(3).

    I have photo images of the dish antenna, the system info one screens of the 222k,
    the 211z at mobile and the 211z at camp, the triplexer, the 3 head LNB and the
    222k dish point screen. I can send them to you if needed.

    So why did the 211z not work with the 1K.2 dish? Would a 211k receiver work with
    the DPP 1K.2 dish or does it need a DPP 1K.4 dish?
    THANKS for taking the time and trouble to help with this.

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