DPP calls for greater collaboration around localisation
Joseph O'Halloran
| 04 November 2019

In a new report released to members of its industry business network, the DPP is warning that despite localisation and versioning highlighting ‘all that’s exciting’ about the growth of modern media markets it also reflects many of the problems.

The report, Home Truths: The Localisation Challenge, explores the relationships between media companies as they prepare content for global markets and how those relationships expose the need for greater industry collaboration.

It explores a number of opportunities for more effective working through industry collaboration, such as the creation of standardised ways of performing quality control processes; the building of greater trust between content companies through the centralised provision of assets in the cloud; greater transparency about the areas of activity that generate waste - which would, in turn, help vendors focus their efforts on the areas of greatest business need; tiering of content, by priority, to reduce bottlenecks and optimise the use of resources.

The report found that the processes required for the global exchange of content are largely common to all media companies. And yet, many of the executives quoted in the report argued, content providers tend to behave as if their needs are special and unique. As the volume and complexity of localisation work grows, the DPP warns that this lack of trust and standardisation is becoming a major burden to many businesses.

“This report is both candid about the issues and highly constructive about the remedies,” said DPP MD and report author Mark Harrison. “It is rare to see a piece of industry insight with such clarity. It will contribute hugely to the work we and our member companies will be undertaking in the year ahead...Global distribution offers huge opportunities for new markets and services. But it also shines a spotlight on the challenges of exchanging content smoothly and efficiently.”