I've recently bought an Octagon SF8008, to replace my ageing Ultraplus X-9200 HD twin tuner PVR.
The Ultraplus runs Linux, and has a MCAS plugin that automatically reads my Sly NZ card (NDS/Videoguard), allowing me to watch all the pay channels I subscribe to, as well as Freeview.
No programming required, but various settings/keys can be viewed/edited, if you ever needed to (I haven't).

The receiver is about 7 years old and is now randomly crashing to the boot loader, requiring a power off>on (very annoying).
I've been advised (by the importer I bought it from) that it may be a bug in the MCAS plugin.
Hence the new Octagon box. I have been trying various softcams, without success.
I don't need card sharing, just a cam that will work with my local card, in the built in card reader.
I have got as far as the card being recognized, but it shows 'no entitlements' on the webif Oscam page.
(but the 'emulator' section shows 568 entitlements).

Can anybody point me in the right direction, i.e. what CAM OR EMULATOR I should be using, and any help with config files?
I have tried various edits to the config files, but still get only a black screen on the premium channels.
The files I have been working on (oscam.conf oscam.server oscam.user) are located in etc\tuxbox\config.

I'm currently running PurE2.
Would I be better off trying Openvix or OpenATV?

Any help would be appreciated.