Netflix adds 15 major pay-TV partners in 2019
December 2, 2019 12.29 Europe/London By Julian Clover
Netflix now reaches more than 300,000 of its subscribers through pay-TV partnerships.
Ampere Analysis says this represents almost half of all pay-TV homes in its footprint.
So far Netflix has reached agreement with 100 pay-TV operators.
“The increase in the number of pay TV partnerships with Netflix marks a distinct shift in the industry, as more and more of the streaming giant’s traditional ‘enemies’ cosy up through onboarding deals,” comments Elinor Clark, analyst, Ampere Analysis.
By the end of 2018, three quarters of pay-TV subscribers in Western Europe had contracts with Netflix partner operators. In France, there is onboarding with all the country’s major operators, in a territory previously hostile to the streamer.
Netflix has yet to attract many of the large pay TV operators in Central and South America, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), though it is steadily working on increasing its reach.