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Thread: New Via1&2 FUN card Auto-Update file for embedded Viaccess

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    New Via1&2 FUN card Auto-Update file for embedded Viaccess

    Hi Dear Friends

    Hi Dear Friends
    This is my new file for FUN cards which together with a Viaccess RED CAM or any "Viaccess embedded" STB, can open all hacked Via 1 and Via 2 channels for you .
    Also it does have the amazing AUTO-UPDATE feature on following packages:

    -SRG Swiss
    -SVT Europe
    -RTV Slovenia

    and includes following providers:

    -TPS ------------->(15000 Via2 HotBird 13E)
    -RTVi ------------>(01AC00 Via2 HotBird 13E)
    -TPS ------------->(007C00 Via1/TPScrypt1&2 HotBird 13E)
    -CFI/MCM ------->(007400 Via1 HotBird 13E)
    -BBC Prime ----->(00A000 Via1 HotBird 13E)
    -Eurosport ------>(011C00 Via1 HotBird 13E)
    -SRG Swiss ----->(009400 Via1 HotBird 13E)
    -RTV Slovenia -->(00B000 Via1 HotBird 13E)
    -SVT Europe ---->(009C00 Via1 Sirius 5E)
    -Viasat Nordic--->(010C30 Via1 Sirius 5E)
    -Viasat Europe-->(010C40 Via1 Sirius 5E)
    -Cine 5 ---------->(012000 Via1 Turksat 42E)
    -ART/DAN ------->(016400 Via2 HotBird 13E)
    -NSAB/NTV ------>(019410 Via2 Sirius 5E)
    -GlobeCast Fr --->(001C10 Via1 W3 7E)
    -Era Bouquet ---->(00B800 Via1 PAS8 166E)
    -Eastern DTH ---->(00E000 Via1 Apstar 76,5E)
    -GlobeCast Es --->(00E810 Via1 30W / 10E)
    -Taipei Int. ------>(011400 Via1 Telstar 97W)
    -C-Sky-Net ------>(016C00 Via2 76,5E /128E)
    -C-Sky-Net ------>(016C20 Via2 76,5E /128E)
    -True World ----->(017010 Via2 PALAPA 113E)

    It even opens S*ICE ;-D which other FUN files ( as far as I tested) cannot open it.
    No hacked Viaccess channel can resist against this file.
    For more information refer to annexed text file.
    Enjoy !!!

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    Re: New Via1&2 FUN card Auto-Update file for embedded Viaccess

    A very nice file all working fine over here accept the ART is not working. i have a Samsung dsr9500AY with via and con embbeded.

    Thanks alot again
    Best regards,

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