RugbyPass launches new subscription service

RugbyPass, the streaming service bought by Sky Sports NZ in 2019, has launched a new package to tackle international markets.

Rather than being video-based The XV is built around premium journalism. It will be priced at €3.99 monthly or €24.99 for an annual subscription.

RugbyPass CEO Neil Martin says that 25 years after the game turned professional, the time is right for such a product. “Having an ad-free environment will become increasingly more prevalent to audiences who want to follow their passions without clutter. The clean, intuitive user-experiences you get through OTT products like Netflix, Disney+ and Now TV are going to be a prerequisite in other areas of their digital consumption and that’s what we are building.”

The written word from a team of 20 writers will be accompanied by regular podcasts. Video content will be added as the platform grows.

Martin adds the package presents value for money with up to 40 pieces of content a month for a few pounds. “We’re not doing it to create clickbait. We’ve found a different way to present rugby. The game is about stories, fun and being part of a team environment. What we do really well is pull all of those strings together. We don’t concentrate on one single product, which gives us a huge competitive advantage because we have genuine scale in the rugby vertical.”

The wider RugbyPass package varies according to territory.