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Thread: [Plugin] Airly by Ampersand

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    [Plugin] Airly by Ampersand

    Airly 1.0-r44
    Some additional time intervals have been added for the data in the infobar
    Change the update file hosting address

    Airly 1.0-r43:
    Cosmetic corrections
    Updating the Airly logo and address

    Airly 1.0-r42:
    Cosmetic corrections

    Airly 1.0-r41:

    Updating the sensor lists
    Translation update
    Other minor fixes

    Airly 1.0-r39-r40:

    Correction of displayed information in case of missing API key

    Airly 1.0-r38:
    Changed data extraction method for Infobar (removed job cron, thx @ zdzislaw22)

    Airly 1.0-r37:
    Presentation of the country of location in the form of a flag has been added
    Moved calling up ID list from settings to home screen (see HELP)
    Added the ability to select from the ID list and temporarily assign to one of the locations)
    Added country selection for interpolated measurement (Settings)
    Translation update
    Other cosmetic changes

    Airly 1.0-r36:
    Fixes for reported issues
    Wind speed unit selection added
    Wind direction added

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