Titanium 1-2 Card Loader
(C)MASARE Team - Saoud007

Material used
-Card progger with interface phoenix 3.58 MHZ
(tested with infinity usb phoenix & TE21, cas interface 2 & 3)
-Titanium loader tool

Version 1.01
-Better in erasing mode
-Accruate timeouts delais for somes progger

Options avalaible
- Detect Titanium Card 1, Titanium Card 2
- Detect COM Port
- Save Settings
- HIGH Speed programming (working only with titanium card 2)
- File loaded saved in settings.ini when application closed
- Identify card (OS version)
- Check ATR card

Write card
1/-Load Flash
2/-Load EEprom
3/-Set Com Port
4/-Write files (erase card apply during writting card)

Erase card
After erasing if you show message 'Operation aborted, entering boot trap code failed.'
Extract card & re insert it
Retry Erase card

Cards/Files tested
-Titanium Card 1
-TMB OS 103 & Matrix Cam
-WLDTO os 106 & Zeta Cam, Joker Cam, Neotion Box 3000
-Nagra Emu File


i was doe my test for the new tools with cas2+addons / cas3 /infinty phonixe

Trapping Card, please wait...
Boot trap code entered successfully.
OS Target found: Titanium Card 1
OS Version found: 103
Authenticate Card Pass.
Restore Loader in progress...Wait Few Secondes.
Resetting card.
ATR: 3B EC 00 00 40 32 54 49 54 41 4E 49 55 4D 00 11 01 03
OS Restored, card can be programmed with new file.
Programming card:
-Programming Flash...
-Success: Flash file accepted.
-Programming EEprom...
-Success: EEprom file accepted.
-Reseting card
ATR: 03 00 56 FF 00 76 7E 71 FA 1D FF DD 8D 7D 35 F5 F3 73 F3 FB B5 59 91 7D 33 5D C3
Card Programmed successfully without errors.

the tools works fine tested and confirmed by me

well doen Saoud007
great job