VuClip claims gains with Bitmovin video encoder on Google Cloud
Joseph O'Halloran
| 22 June 2021
Emerging market-focused on-demand entertainment provider VuClip has revealed that it has driven reduced cost and time to market through the deployment of scalable, video encoding with Bitmovin on Google Cloud.
VuClip 22 JUne 2021
VuClip currently delivers on-demand entertainment to over 42 million monthly active users in emerging markets such as India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. As it rolled out its business the media company said it needed a single cloud-agnostic encoding solution that could be deployed quickly on any cloud platform and improve cost efficiencies. VuClip was said to have chosen to deploy Bitmovin’s cloud-based encoding solution on Google Cloud because the combination of technologies enabled the company to reduce time to market for its video assets in “incredible” time and “significantly” reduced costs to meet its infrastructure, storage and content delivery network (CDN) needs.

Bitmovin says it was able to achieve scalable high-performance encoding on Google Cloud by increasing VuClip’s probability of securing and using pre-emptive virtual machines (VM). Bitmovin deployed segmented transcoding to enable VuClip to utilise Google Cloud virtual machines in parallel and reduce the cost of encoding. Moreover, Bitmovin says that its API is designed to efficiently move data with varying amounts of excess capacity so that less data is stored and less bandwidth used to distribute acceptable, high quality video across CDN to diverse audiences.

The net result from using segmented transcoding capabilities is said to be a 35% cost efficiency gain. There is also said to have been a significant cost reduction by utilising pre-emptive virtual machines rather than static ones which Bitmovin says can be very costly when dealing with volume transcoding.

The Bitmovin encoding solution supports multiple codecs such as H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8, VP9, and AV1. It also offers features such as per-title and three-pass encoding to guarantee that the streaming service is providing the lowest possible bitrate on video assets.

Commenting on the deployment gains, VuClip technical product manager Praveen Singh said: “VuClip needed a sophisticated encoding solution capable of delivering quality video assets at scale and cost-efficiently. Bitmovin’s cloud-agnostic encoding solution enabled VuClip to deliver the highest quality video in industry-leading time and resulting in significant bandwidth and storage cost savings. This translates to a better viewing experience for our mobile and diverse audiences, including those in emerging markets where bandwidth is already scarce.”