Openversion compiling by petrkr


- OE update (GCC 11.1 and ...)
- Avoid resolv.conf in /var/run
- Rework samba and remove smbnetfs from the feeds
- Our github now uses instead of for online builds
- Enigma2 and Open WebIF remote sources moved to
- New rc path in /usr/share/enigma2 for all remote files (rc_extra for extra remotes which is not yet defined in any python source so installing the package won't do anything for you)
- New receiver path in /usr/share/enigma2 (we may add stb_board, stb_flash and stb_rear pictures in future for the new help system)
- Kraven skins removed from our feeds (let us know please if external skins won't work)
- multiboot flag tool removed ( takes care of it)
- Support musl build thanks to andrea-adami - So many old webinterface cleanups as we use Open WebIF only
- Core plugin and skin updates by norhap
- OWIF for Open Vision (AutoTimer fix by norhap, STB Info fixed for responsive style)
- Backup Suite NG: Use /proc/enigma instead of /etc/openvision
- Move ****-sh4 from OV 11.1 to 7.6 and keep ****-sh4 where other old models exist (there will be no sh4 sources in our new OE, never ever again)
- RPi kernel 5.10.39 (remember RPi images are for development only not daily usage)


- More use of fileWriteLine(s) and fileReadLine(s) API
- We don't use /etc/openvision in our main sources anymore, everything is now on enigma.ko
- RC XML updates by IanSav
- Refactor by IanSav
- replaced by, also the new added by IanSav
- Network and DNS improvements by norhap
- Now we have more debug options
- Skin scaling by IanSav (this is the quality code we were waiting for not the current garbage in PLi's code)
- Get rid of SVG images as it makes enigma2 heavy, we use PNG images again
- Use AlphaTest instead of AlphaBlend all over enigma2 (except VK)
- Get rid of keytranslation.xml, with the new RC system we don't need it
- Many weird crashed fixed so we expect more stable behaviour

Login details:
Username: root
Password: openvision