Movistar+ updates structure, strengthens leadership
| 27 June 2021
With the aim of placing an emphasis on strategic partnerships and creating unique user experiences, Telefónica España has restructured the nature of its Movistar television business.
Movistar 27 JUne 2021

The company sees by strengthening its leadership it can step up what it says is its position as “the integrator of the best entertainment experience” on the market. Going forward Movistar+ say will it put an emphasis on strategic alliances with the most important partners in the sector, a more personalised user experience, and original and exclusive content to differentiate itself from its competitors. These changes follow on from similar changes already implemented by Telefónica de España in order to continue providing the best offering in television and provide what Telefónica España president Emilio Gayo described as one of its growth levers of its television business in Spain.

Describing the forward strategy Movistar+ CEO Cristina Burzako (pictured) said she wants to commit to a platform in which customers can find everything they want to see in a simple way, making the TV provider a facilitator that offers a unique and personalised experience which includes partners’ content as well as its own original programming. “The entertainment sector is in full transformation and users are increasingly demanding a comprehensive, simple and personalised service that streamlines their experience in this world with its ever-growing volume of offers and brands,” she said.

The restructure will see Burzako (pictured) supported by three vertical content directors: Sport, headed by Ignacio Fernández-Vega, Entertainment, by Juan Andrés García Ropero, and Original Fiction, with Domingo Corral remaining at the helm, further reinforced by two strategic divisions: Partnerships and Content Experience. The content structure of Movistar+ will be organized in three vertical divisions: Sport, headed by Ignacio Fernández-Vega; Entertainment, with Juan Andrés García Ropero, and Original Fiction, helmed by Domingo Corral. It will be reinforced with two strategic divisions whose directors are yet to be announced: Partnerships and Content Experience.

“We are strengthening some critical areas in our constant adaptation to a world and a sector that never stop changing,” she added. “The objective is to consistently improve the Movistar+ experience thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, always oriented towards our users.”

Alex Martínez Roig, until now the content director of Movistar+, will continue in the company as advisor to the CEO until the editorial transformation of the platform is consolidated. Fernando Jerez, current director of Entertainment and Premium Content will be leaving Movistar+.