Tele2 loses Swedish TV subscribers

Tele2 ended the second quarter with 946,000 digital TV subscribers in its home market Sweden.

This, according to the company in its latest set of results, was 5% fewer than in the same period last year.

Of these, 645,000 were fibre (-2%) and 301,000 DTT (-11%).

Tele2 notes that the net figure was 19,000 lower in Q2 principally due to a database adjusted of 9,300 mon-active RGUs.

At the same time, cable and fibre end-user service revenue grew by 3% due to easy comparables in Q2 2020, when premium sports content was shut down. However, it did not fully compensate the continued decline in the legacy DTT business, resulting in digital TV end-user service revenue declining by 2%.

Tele2 had total revenues of SEK6,572 million (644.9 million) for its operations in Sweden and the Baltics in Q2, or 1% more than in the same period last year. Its end-user revenues were 2% higher at SEK4,815 million.

Digital TV revenues in Q2 were SEK 698 million (-2%) and those for fixed broadband SEK692 million (+5%).

Although consumer revenues in Sweden grew by only 1% year-on-year to SEK3,046 million, they were 13% higher in the Baltics at SEK806 million.