How to program titanium card using inifinty USB programmer

1] ensure programme either 1.46/1.47/1.48 is installed on your pc.
2] press infinity logo on your desktop and the programmer should appear.
3] ensure programmer connected [check bottom left corner]
4] press phoenix button and a power menu will appear. Click 3.58 on left, then click phoenix on right and finally click enable.
5] the phoenix will now be active and will minimse to the bottom of your screen.
6] open banana programmer [which of course you downloaded earlier]
7] load hex and eeprom from your downloaded file, push program and wait as card loads.
8] when write successful, remove card, exit banana and exit phoenix.
9] close infinity programmer.
10] insert card into your cam and watch tv.
11] if all successful jump for joy and you owe me a pint.

Infinity USB Phoenix programs most popular smartcards on the market:

Wafercard (16C84, 16F84, 16F84A)
Goldcard (16F84/16F84A + 24C16)
Silvercard (16F876/16F877 + 24C64)
Greencard (16F876/16F877 + 24C128)
Greencard2 (16F876/16F877 + 24C256)
Bluecard (16F84A + 24C64)
CanaryCard (16F628 + 24C16)
EmeraldCard (16F628 + 24C64)
Singlepic (16F876, 16F627, 16F628).

Funcard/Funcard2 (AT90S8515 + 24C64)
PrussianCard/Funcard3 (AT90S8515 + 24C128)
PrussianCard2/Funcard4 (AT90S8515 + 24C256)
PrussianCard3/Funcard5 (AT90S8515 + 24C512)
PrussianCard4/Funcard6 (AT90S8515 + 24C1024)
PrussianCard5/Funcard7 (AT90S8515 + 2*24C1024)
JupiterCard (AT90S2343 + 24C16)
JupiterCard2 (AT90S8535 + 24C64)
FunCard ATmega161 (ATmega161 + 24C64)
FunCard ATmega163 (ATmega163 + 24C256)
FunCard Atmega8515/Funkey2 (Atmega 8515 + 24C256)
BlackCard (ATmega128 + 24C256)

Cards accessed thru built-in Phoenix interface (by use of 3rd party software):
Basiccard 4.5D
Dragonloader card
All other cards accessible by Phoenix or Smartmouse / 3.58, 3.68 or 6.00MHz

Further cards/combinations of CPU/EEPROM will be added when new cards are available. The generic hardware/firmware ensures that only a software download will be needed for adding most new cards.

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