Ofcom reviews BBC performance framework

Media regulator Ofcom has published a consultation on proposed changes to the performance measurement framework (PMF), used to assess the BBC’s performance in delivering its Mission and promoting its Public Purposes.

The existing PMF was put in place in 2017 and sets out the performance measures, metrics and main data sources used for our monitoring and performance assessment of the BBC.

Ofcom says it considers that the framework of four performance measures that make up the PMF remain effective, but that some of the detail requires updating to ensure it remains fit for the future.

It wants to remove references to outdated data sources, remove the concept of a ‘minimum set of evidence’ for each Public Purpose, to be replaced with a broader range of examples of the breadth of metrics we use across all Public Purposes, and expand the scope of its approach to measuring impact.

The consultation closes on 23 June with a decision due in July.