DreamCamd v4.0

20- 4- 2008

Lamour dreams
New emu
emu(dreamcamd v4.0)

-- Fix ngra
-- Fix n*ds
-- Fix irdeto 2
-- original cards As a nation original Dream Box (SCAMDREAM)
-- Address the problem of stopping altogether and freeze image
-- Adding any number of persons on the server without problem
-- Addressing the latest version of the emu cccam 2.0.8 and named cccamdream
_ Operation of the original cards as a nation with Dream Box server at the same time to watch by
Dreamserver / scam_dream
_ Was addressing EMU last cccam (CCCAMDREAM)
_Accelerate irdeto 2
_Prevent the problem stopped picture NDScard
Link between him and all servers EMU one

With dreamcamd became Dream Box TN No. 1 in the world and the dreams of making everything easily