Kimi - Everything went wrong

Monaco disappointment "not the end of the world"

Raikkonen: not the end of the world

Kimi Raikkonen has admitted that everything that could go wrong for him at the Monaco Grand Prix did go wrong.

The defending World Champion finished a disappointing ninth after he ploughed his Ferrari into the back of Adrian Sutil's Force India car during the closing stages of the race in Monte Carlo.

Raikkonen admitted that he later apologised to Sutil, who was running in fourth place at the time of the incident.

And the Finn's failure to score means that he now trails Monaco winner Lewis Hamilton by three points in the Drivers' Championship.

"Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don't," Raikkonen told Ferrari's website.

"But what happened to us at Monaco was something no one could have foreseen. I left Monaco empty handed. Everything that could go wrong did.

"I'm really sorry for what happened with Sutil and I told him I was sorry. These are things that just happen in racing."

Stronger performance

Nevertheless, Raikkonen is confident he and Ferrari can deliver a stronger performance at next weekend's Canadian Grand Prix and pointed out that he heads to Montreal in better shape than he did in his Championship-winning year.

Twelve months ago, after finishing eighth in Monaco, Raikkonen lied fourth in the Championship, 15 points behind Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

"Although I didn't collect any points in the last race, thus losing the lead in the Championships, it's not the end of the world," he added.

"Last year I was in a much poorer situation. Now we have to go to Montreal and pay back. Traditionally Canada is a good race for Ferrari; so let's hope that we can continue this tradition.

"It's possible to have strange races there, too, because it's very possible that the Safety Car will be employed, but we're ready for every kind of situation."